Recover lost revenue and grow new revenue
for mobile network messaging business

Kontxt™ offers next-generation management of text messaging on mobile networks, along with state-of-the-art spam and gray route controls. Kontxt enables network operators to deliver a consistently better messaging experience for their subscribers. Mobile carriers, message aggregators and interconnect vendors can reliably filter unwanted messages, enforce gray route policies, and offer class-of-service delivery prioritization to enterprise senders.

Next-generation management of text messaging on mobile networks


Kontxt inspects messages crossing your network and examines markers in common messages types like P2P, A2P, spam, etc, even when metadata is incomplete.

Machine Learning

Kontxt crawls, analyzes and processes billions of messaging data points using NLP (natural language processing) and deep learning techniques.


Kontxt assigns messages with shared patterns to categories, or classes which are meaningful to your business, particularly for A2P senders with different price sensitivity and delivery expectations.

Antispam and Fraud Protection

World-class anti-spam capabilities are included as part of Kontxt’s next generation approach to identifying and classifying messages.


Kontxt offers detailed reporting on traffic trends to answer questions like: Of the messages coming across my network: how many are valid or spam? What are the types of messages and use cases being sent? And more.

Policy Controls

Policy controls are critical to managing traffic and maximizing revenue. Apply business rules to control delivery, blocking, throughput, and pricing.

Class of Service Delivery

Optimize mobile networks, by creating policies to deliver messages with tiered delivery commitments, taking into account factors such as network congestion, delivery time commitments, throughput guarantees and more.

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Mobile Network Operators, Message Aggregators, Interconnect Vendors

Improve your subscriber experience by protecting the revenue stream.
Recover lost revenue from grey routes.
Generate new revenue with class of service delivery.

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