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Modern ringback messaging

LISTEN by RealNetworks is the modern ringback service for popular music and advanced messaging plus a carrier-branded sales and marketing channel. LISTEN moves beyond simple ringback tones by using mobile call paths for productive and profitable messaging.

Beyond the Top 40


Targeted advertising and subscriber specific messages


Custom status messages for specific callers


Calendar integration with pre-set status messages during busy times


Location detection with a status message based on geographic location

Drive Mode

Drive Mode to automatically detect when user is driving and send an automated message or text


Premium music catalog with thousands of popular artists

Monetize the mobile ring

Boost revenue

Popular ringback tones and advanced features such as Drive Mode and calendar integration drive incremental sales.

Provide modern smartphone services

Allow subscribers to quickly and easily customize their callers' experiences using mobile call paths.

Target customer communications

Deliver customized account offers and targeted advertising based on subscriber account status.

Get up-and-running quickly

Take advantage of easy implementation and flexible, affordable partnerships.

Count on our expertise

RealNetworks is the reliable, proven partner for consumer digital media with decades of innovations.

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Mobile operators and MVNOs

Offer advanced ringback messaging to increase revenue and get a profitable new way to communicate with customers.

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