Real CV by RN

Powerful face and object recognition platform

RealNetwork’s computer vision technology recognizes faces and objects in media streams, to surface actionable information. RealCV is designed specifically to recognize faces in real-world conditions, including people in motion, in dim lighting, and at occluded angles. Computer vision uses are gaining popularity in everyday life and our computer vision platform is designed to facilitate the ever-expanding opportunities.

World-class face and object recognition

Find and track faces and objects in real-time and post-production videos or photos.

Answers “Who is this person or object.” Can scale to match against millions of records with high performance.

Gender, age range, and sentiment
Male, Female. Detects age ranges – child, adult, senior. Sentiment – feeling or emotion.

Computer Vision Platform
Leverages the latest machine learning theory.

Unlimited applications

Face as a password
Unlock devices, applications. Authorize payments.

Instant personalization
Opt-in personalized experiences.

Customer recognition
Personalized retail, fitness, hospitality delivering premium personalized service.

Three-factor authentication
Face as a third factor for authentication.

Visitor tracking and access control
Integrate visitor system with access control systems to manage access.

Photo and media tagging
Enhance search, optimize ad targeting, add value to both broadcast and streaming media.

Seamless integration

Flexible inputs
Works with live video streams such as CCTV, smartphone/tablet cameras, live broadcast feeds, photos, archived video and more.

Allows error rate tuning to minimize false rejections, false acceptances, or optimize between these.

Available as an SDK, a standalone app, or as APIs. It can run on mobile devices, Macs, blade servers, or in the cloud.

Private and secure
Facial information is encrypted

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